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2016-03-24 02:07:07 (UTC)


Im going to talk about her and our story and how three years later it still haunts me.
Now i remind whoever is reading this that i have problems remembering everything perfectly

I met her while waiting for my bus home at the bus stop. She was standing in front of me looking down at the ground with her pass for the buss in her hand. She turned and looked at me. She complimented my hair. That made me blush. She was beautiful so how could i not? I said thank you and we then boarded the bus.

I sat in the seat in the back of her. I wasn't trying to be creepy there were just not many empty available seats and i always preferred sitting by myself. i just sat there like that for the first half of the bus ride until she turned towards me.
"What year are you in?" she asked me.
"year 7 you?" i asked. She looks like she can be in my year.
"year 8. You looked like you are in year 8" she said.
"oh heh yea i get told that a lot" i said nervously. I don't know why she's talking to me. She Fixed her hair so it wasn't in her face as much. She had a bracelet with a familiar logo on it. It was of a singer i liked.
"you like them?" i asked pointing to the bracelet on her hand.
"Yea they are actually my favorite singer" she said holding up her hand.
"I've heard some of their music and i like it so far" i said. After this we spiraled into a conversation about the singer and our favorite songs and albums until it was almost my stop.

When my stop came i grabbed my backpack.
"it was nice meeting you...I'm sorry but i don't think i got your name."i said looking at her. She was also grabbing her backpack.
"I'm Anthea" she said. That's a nice name. Hopefully i wont forget it. I don't have the best memory.
"Is this your stop?" I asked.
"yea actually i live near here do you?" she asked now getting off the buss and me following behind her.
"yea but i have to walk a bit to get there" i said now just standing next to her at the corner of the street.

"well this is where i cross" she said pointing to the crosswalk.
"it was nice meeting you" i said waiving bye. I walked home with her on my mind. How come i have never seen her here before?

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