Sweet Dreams
2016-03-22 03:00:27 (UTC)

Dear God, get me out of here

I have this ever feeling of quiet desperation. At the same time I am hiding from the world, because I don't want them to see me or judge me, I hate the isolation. I am desperate to be seen. WHY CAN'T ANYONE SEE ME??!!! I WANT TO MATTER!!! I hate that the world rolls on by as if I don't matter. I MATTER!! I MATTER!!! I MATTER!!!!!!!!

LOOK AT ME! LISTEN TO ME! I feel, I hurt, I am the spark of life that is in everything and everyone. I am the tree, the leaf, the baby. I am your grandmother and grandfather. I am desperate to be heard, and so afraid to be seen. I am lonely, I feel isolated, and I hate for anyone to see me like this. Dear God I want to die. I want my time on this planet to end. I wonder why I came here. People are so hateful to each other and I am in so much pain from it.