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2016-03-21 16:24:12 (UTC)

Leading lady

Many incidents had happened in this span of time. I had been to sis place drove car with v and good time wit him feel kinda bond with him comfortable, trust and good time. Mom was admitted in hospital she had suffered pain in teeth so coz had vertigo and vomits it was horrible we all were scared. By the time I am practising with anish car. I am confident that soon I'll b good driver. It's not even a month that blush has arrived and I already drive so well. Mom is pretty good now but has weakness.
Work is going well it interests me but I have to keep moving. Car goal is accomplished. Now next is good job and a house obviously I cannot buy house but can rent one renting our own. This is in myind for now. I am not at all thinking about getting married like friends o have to achieve this all. I was thinking about v that he is good I like him but donno abt future. Even he is not settled. Anyways I .going with flow.
It was Shambhu bday n we had fun gifted her power bank real useful thing.
I am feeling proud and like a leading lady for supporting my family emotional and financially. I feel I of some use now.
I should keep this doing on fory mom.
I wish my sis to soon get good job current one is not good. N I really feel stress abt it.
Good pls let her get good job soon pls pls pls as n me too.
Enough cyaaa