unicorns fly
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2016-03-20 01:22:01 (UTC)

who could wait??

Dear public world,
I'm sorry. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. Seriously. I bet you couldn't either. Well you probably think that the other diary entry was a little lame and dramatic but it is really about my life. You would understand if you had a very mean mother. Seriously. My mom is the worst. She stopped having birthday parties for me after I was 5 years old. She also made my dad abandon me with her at the park when I was 4. And she doesn't buy me birthday presents. Seriously. She even made my friends not buy me presents at my birthday parties. Well what do you think is a better life?? A rich one or a mean one with slapping faces and punching and terrible things in it?? Think to your self. Should you care about the people who get hurt or care about your rich life? Comment or give feedback about what you care about.
From the unicorns fly diaries,
Jaiden Alexis Callahan