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2016-03-18 09:39:09 (UTC)

Post-spring break!: Damn I do or damn I dont!

Hi everybody,Im better very happy today it might it has to be cause its Friday.

Yesterday like bout 12:04pm, I saw Mickey she looked so damn sexy what she was wearing on St. Pattys day! wasn't any green but i didn't ptich her at all. We spoke bout what had happened on Wednesday, were both hella pissed bout it honestly i how can we NOT be. Some of us had took a bus or drive to get to this big ass campus to the college.
My classmate Jared greeted me, I felt good to be missed by him. sadly we couldnt talk sooo much cause we had load of shit like a time paragraph of description of our choosing of course and a 50 points quiz (and yeah i was bit late got some more help on the outline)

Almost forgot spoke to Him, his been sick for some days now. So its good to hear from as well.
The other day meet another friend on here, you know who are so.

I've no homework from English Yay!
Extra Credit from environment science (due 3/29), when we come back from spring break!!!
Emailed my math professor earlier this morning, she said gonna post before they close so *finger crossed*.
I should go gonna review my exam and quiz that was in math. Before spring break.

*Post-spring break!
1. Catch-up on some sleep that I really need.
2. Hang with J for some days.
3. Catch up on some old classic shows and movies

Me and J are going great last night was so funny Ive to say. It was around 7-8:08pm, so it was so interesting to say.

I told my girl Rachele too much of my secret addiction to reading porn on here. Oops I wish i could take it back, now i feel guilty but gotta say it feels damn good! She doesnt fully get why its my new escape from life. She said i should stop its hard, once you start reading it or watching it again, its a drug. Believe if I could stop I would so drink so much vodka without a TRUE care at all but, I cant believe me. I so would do that much more.
See you in a week, bye.