Dream Scribe

2016-03-17 09:16:26 (UTC)

Outsourcing The Aftermath.

Nothing bears any formal semblance to uncommon courage. I have been blessed with the strength to speak up and speak out.

There lies ahead no sense of impending doom, gloom and dishonour in being a voice to the innocent among us.

I can almost smell the approaching tidal wave of retaliation building and rising. I've outrun waves before but nothing compared to the ignominious proportion of this fucker.
Make my legs swift God, that I may not faint and be pulled under the trampling feet of my foe.
For they will try to crush the truth with their lies.

I stand alone at another crossroad in time with nothing more than the truth and my blunt yet blind determination intact.

Though I draw vultures near me, neither need I be afraid nor unprepared for the truth shall prevail.

Outsourcing the aftermath of one dark motherfucker yesterday, needn't be my burden of responsibility to shoulder alone.

"And the truth goes marching on..."

Uncommon courage.

Thankyou my-diary.org