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2016-03-16 09:08:32 (UTC)

Its(ish) all good? early St. Patty's day!

I'm falling apart so quickly am so damn scared 7-8pm it got soo much worse cause my sis friend "aunty" is yelling at me cause i should make more effort of making plans for this weekend with J but dont how talk guys isnt the normal happens in house you're always screaming or yelling at someone make your point knowledgeable to just "shut them up". You say dont use "No." in a conversation but, the only reason I do so cause always talking so horrible to me regardless the outcome. The reason why i laugh or just smile its kinda funny cause sometimes it helps my nerves. Then i feel like damn fuckin' fool afterwards thanks soo damn much.
Last night id major headache it wasnt letting up at all :( then id woke up around 2:13ish am i dont kno why thou, then drift back to sleep. I was hell late to get ready but didnt really care at that point. Fast-forward some hours ago id watched "Faking it" it made it bit easier but not fully so. Id watched episode last night of the show, it brought out big secert i keep hidden and i feel am weakling person.

*post-entry for my sis friend*
Hi. Sis it gonna be your bday tomorrow i wish i could post am gonna be very busy on your day my classes are flooding so much on me. Before spring break! i heard soo much many good things from you am glad youd got your life as stable it could be, being 24 in all. I miss you so damn much i hate that we arent so close anymore, im assuming thats a good thing. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. Nobody believe you that youve done it, i always knew you could done it without the help of much older adults. Im so proud of you sis. I miss you billion.

Heathly choice change my choice:
Im thinking to become vegetarian for my own reasons because I learned so much in my environmental science and what they do harsh animals it made me really think (yesterday morning even thou ive been extremely moody). Am thinking of doing it soon but i just dont when thou. Am not gonna tell my family bout this change cause they would judge me some more.... My gurl crush notice I was very pissed off because am losing what ive work heavy hard for. Somehow she had broke me out of it, it just made so much easy to breathe. I so dont want talk my professor id told her, said I should but they never hear me out most of the time.
Im still a virgin :( I so want lose it already, be a mom already too :) Yeah i know am just 21. Yeah? am deeply human. And yes am Bi
Well i gotta go cause have alot do before tomorrow. Happy St.Patty's day everybody! :)