Dream Scribe

2016-03-15 21:11:29 (UTC)

Busting Out.

Imprisonment inside a problem is never okay. Prisons weren't made to live in especially and only when innocent souls never created them in the first place.
The key of admission fits the lock on the past. For some people this type of remembering can be a dangerous neighborhood so take a support bodyguard along on the journey.
Nobody deserves to do recovery alone because this is one of the most worthy efforts a person can do for themselves in their lifetime. We are worthy of recovery as well.
Feel the fear and do it anyway : Jeffers.
Feel the love and do it anyway :Amanda-Jane.

A circle of understanding company.
Non-judgement, unconditional help and support from those who know how and have been there too.
Confidentiality, anonymity and the warmth of genuine allies in life.
The power of recovery, the power of healing.
Following the open door approach to freedom from the past.