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2016-03-15 08:50:51 (UTC)

I'm so weak, pathetic girl

At 5:00 pm when the sun was still shining so damn bright, I forgot to say my period started :( I ate comfort food like havent ate anything but i did thou. I felt so guilty after that I felt so nausea and wanted to barf all my food. But didnt so id took hot shower to settle my body cause my stomach was so extremely pain. I was so weak didnt want to take Model pill to help it. Cause ive only two of em' id wish lotta more i need them. So id tired to studied to distracted my pain but i couldnt bare it :( so id texted J instead but his father came him so damn busy, it felt so restless through the night. I couldnt sleep well. J say he would text if hes free today am so looking towards it.
I woke up 4:58am gosh im so exhausted but id get up for today couldnt missed even if really wanted too thou. I felt so irritable and very moody.
So much hasnt changed thats me. I really wish was thou. I want get drunk so bad that i would be completely trashed my noon today. So wouldnt have hear or see my result where am failing in my classes again. I feel so stupid. Im not so damn smart after all. I cant do this college thing at all. Cant stand to put all my hard work and get barely anything under average.
Id email my math professor if i can get any extra credit but all she could really say that would give at the end of semester it wouldnt even help so im so fucked! This all damn yesterday evening.
Im so damn weak, its horrible cant tell anyone how id failed again. So noooo partying for me over spring break. Ill be home fixing crappy papers and studying my brains out!