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2016-03-15 01:23:54 (UTC)


On a lighter note, I bought a new kayak and kayak trailer. I enjoy kayaking so much. I see things that I never saw before when I'm on a lake, river, or reservoir. Nature does have a way of relaxing me. I also fish on my kayak so it too helps make me feel good.

However, I spent some big bucks on this. Kayak was around 2,700 and the trailer was 1,100. Crap!!! My toys are sure getting expensive. It's a Hobie and it of course is my favorite color. Red!!! :)

It's been raining hard in CA so although I had my kayak for two weeks, I haven't been able to take it out yet. I will this weekend though. I think some of my kayak fishing friends plan to go to Clear Lake on Saturday. I even requested for a vacation day off this Thursday so I can take out my kayak. Probably going to go to Folsom lake. I can't wait :) I just love kayaking because it puts me in a Zen like state and I don't even have to clime the Himalayas to find that inner peace :)

That's all for now. Thanks again Diary for being that pretend friend that listens to me. lol

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