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2016-03-14 09:26:48 (UTC)

I feel bleh some days

Hi. Im back how do you guys feel bout the damn time change? I had forgot to change my clock yesterday even thou id slept in I was still droswy. So id gonna downstairs to eat something for breakfast then just thinking alot bout J it was different. good different thou. So had ask him if he had girlfriend before? (friday evening) obliovious I was scared out my damn mind. J said trutly no. Then he resurface it then felt gulit, I knowI know its very pathetic it was werid and very uncomfortable. I thought alot bout cutting and completely shutting off and never talking but what that really do? somehow id a black out unexpectly so what does that say??? (saturday evening) we text so much more at 12:01-9:08pm it was just lot say but I knew wanted to more face to face hopefully nothing will take our time away from us, not even weather. Am really hoping so.
I want ask J if want kiss me? I want ask when will we hang out again? its only week ago? I miss feeling id it felt like i wasnt so alone in time we go by everyday. So now. I wanna ask him if can hang out over next week Spring Break btiches, Im very excited bout it and going to see Allegiant this friday hopefully we can go soon enough. If hes father isnt drive him crazy, i can totally related in many ways now. Its crazy enough we have alot in common. He so perfect, just cant fucking believe it. He still hasnt time read my favortie book yet? :( isnt truly his fault thou, his father knows how to keep him busy.
Binge tv shows are wrapping up! :(
Pretty Little liars
How to get away with murder
Faking it returns tomorrow night thats something.
kisses bi out. See you guys on wednesdy

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