Dream Scribe

2016-03-14 07:27:48 (UTC)

Sensitive Information Day.

Spilled my guts
every week for years
faced the fear
for every good intention
I could only see the light
of an oncoming train
rumbling and barrelling forward
squeezing myself against
the tunnel walls
the metal monster
only missed me
by inches
The train of pain
tried to shut me up
shut me down
lost in the roaring echo
of darkness
once again

sensitive information day
said the same shit for years
same shit different week
the colour of pain
the sound of pain
the pain barrier
the impenetrable wall of fear
shadows danced
darkness spoke in unvarying shades of black
and the critic whispered it's words
until I choked on the bitter taste
of futility
they handed me the voice of truth precisely
wrapped with the comfort of validation.