always wth love

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2016-03-11 10:56:46 (UTC)

Last night in my head

I couldnt sleep last night, id had lot on mind for today and next Thursday.
I woke at3:12am, I dont know why thou but then id drifted back to sleep and woke up latter like diretly at 4:30am. It was completely dark when id tired closed my door to get dress on this draggy friday morning. So just thought more of J more than a friend. I smile quite more ever then before thats something, new....
6:55-7:21pm Id texted J it so normal, yet so safe too, I just wanna be with all days of many hours at time. CrAZY RIGHT?! Fuck am in love with him. Shit :)

P.S. I feel alot better just 24hrs of sadness took control of me. I felt better when id night took my doubts and feels of disappearing had fully stopped.
My weekends plays are study and relax and have fun with J tonight.I might post again next week. Dont forget to change damn clocks this weekend if not youre gonna be exhausted as fuck. Very grumpy with people interacted on daily life situation.
Love you guys so much. Kisses Bi out:')