always wth love

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2016-03-10 10:58:43 (UTC)

no title:(

Hey. Am back he had texted replied back at 9:06am to my text :)
No surprised by that...utterly feeling towards church gurl she just texted bout six mins ago. 10:50am. I dont know how to reply to her anymore, its sounds so pathetic. I dont why I fall into uncontrollable loop with her. Fuck!!!! i havent heard in days and shes now texts so. am so fucked up! :( straight up!, Rachele knows how hard i fall in back in the sick loop of hers.
Rachele is my buddy knows how to distracted me , YAY!. I dont know i can make without her in my life. Shes how to break me out my thoughts of church gurl.... I miss her so damn much.

*Eng prof moved all the quizzes on next thursday :( Im so pissed off. You're worst mistake id made so far.I hate it.
so glad tomorrow is friday it took forever.

Questions are less but my thoughts are wandering with so much laughter.

I was brave once at 14. but it had fallen apart after that, so overtime ive thought less of people that i thought there were my friends. Now am back to five or really damn three of those friends.
even then feels like am only one. standing there?
I gotta go see you later.