always wth love

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2016-03-10 09:00:11 (UTC)

want i really need

So when id got home yesterday, i really wanted to be with J but he was out and wasnt home to talk and persuade him to give some booze. I was very sad i really needed that fix. Last night Id dream bout J and me being very physical to a point. It felt so real :)I so want it to happen at some point. I woke up at 4:12am but i was very exhausted so id tired to get more sleep but it didnt work, so when it'd got bit closer to the time to get up. I was sorta ready? for today...
Yesterday in class
I didnt see her Mickey i dont know why? she didnt show yesterday. She said would but i didnt know?:( I hope shes shows up today, I miss her yesterday. I kept looking at doors if she was coming well it didnt happen i was left in disappointment.
I try post another later today if am really up to it.