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2016-03-08 08:45:43 (UTC)

my fears to J

My best online girl messaged me at 2:13am---hi seems to be very busy with you neighbour ... ;) Me: hey vivi id hanged with my neighbor on saturday night it best night of my life....

I was going talk bout last night but honestly its own story in its own right.

I woke up 10 mins before 4:30am this morning I wish had know that had occurred it. It just happened to be odd, later when id gotten dressed for my very long day i felt sick it was very strange I dont know if thats my period is coming back but it feels so...
I havent heard from Him in days but I know hes busy am too so,I dont feel so concern that's great news am assuming.
two hours ago i was home waiting for my bus to get here in the library. I watched another episode it was really good.
I thought bout lotta of J, i dont know how to him I'm bisexual. I wont know how he will reacted by that. I probably wait until next month or just wait until im fully ready to say so whatever comes first. So cant wait until friday just want hang out and ask more questions. and get pretty drunk for while then sober up just enough to be NOT question what had happened. So what should i do??? can you give me an answer.
Well gotta run! am gonna try get there on time for my first class.