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2016-03-07 08:54:52 (UTC)

so much had took place

Earlier that Saturday morning id gone downtown in my smallest town, id say familiar name I havent seen in so long.It hit me by surprised it had scared me too...."Its called Balloons and Things" it reminded me of ex friend Stacy, it made me feel so weak inside(thats where she works but thats not the one she works at. She works at further location but still)I honestly didnt want that feeling to come back but it had thou...
So Saturday evening it was slow but alright, some hours right before id gone out with J. My brother's mom lecture advice i think??? But oblivious still confused on that. We had gone to movies in my smallest town went to see "London has fallen" it was good movie. He had soda and some popcorn and id txis and water. He walked over to pick me cause my phone was in my jacket pocket and was on vibrate i felt embarrassed. It felt little better when id gone out my house. ...He had buy the pickets online and truly gentleman. (i was do anxious i kinda knew he was going notice was nervous)The he said something that made me laugh. Thanks for inviting me to movies, yeah no problem. We missed some upcoming movies it honestly it felt okay. He told me bout what this morning I felt bad for him cause doesn't deserve it.(he noticed hadnt text back on that day last thursday i felt bad but id made it up, so i think thats alright am assumming) The movie was good alot action it Id best time, so "He something like we should things again" I totally agree... When we had turned on our street again he noticed that his mom was back. (I wont go into that cause there isnt much to tell...i honestly dont have a clue myself). So we finally pulled in we sat and talked for while . Then id told bout my classes and everything. Then id asked personal questions but not enough to be strange girl. Then said one question chance to ask?? "What do you want know bout'me"but didnt have the strength again to say so.But somehow he remembered the confession id told. Id done it last week it wasnt like before "reading porn"When he walked back to my front id time but Id remembered it bugged me all rest the evening :(
Id stayed up 10:40pm that night. knowing very soon would wake up at4am (sunday morning)to go see an event for my lil sister. I so didn't want go Id alot on my mind it, it was J and my classes just lot think bout.We didnt get home until 6pm last night so we had texted all away back, half time he was helping his dad. We had talked some more 7-8:20pm it was so "Cool":)
Today on this vary morning Monday ugh! I want go over to his house and talk some more if isnt raining. I dont like the rain, Im very grumpy and sleepy and all i wanted to do is have some vodka and a great movie.So it was best saturday night of my life.
I'm very glad be back on campus so write this all out!