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me and my life
2016-03-06 07:40:29 (UTC)


Life is comparatively fine. There are still many things I have to work on and achieve on the list first is good long-term job which is becoming real tough task for me from the beginning. But search will get over on some point of time. Den good boy to get married obviously also house but that is some what nex to immposoble for me unless any miracle happens.
Love life is nil. V is good friend of mine. I had attraction for him but I made myslef understand that no if I have waited so long for right guy then I should do the justice wit my wait. He is good,we r comfortable with each other to talk anything but still he is not the one. So today I'll enroll for Bharat matrimony. I should now think seriously about it now.
Job is going fine. But der is no job security and also I have urge to learn more which is not possible here much. I have to keep move on to reachy goal. Next job should fetch me at least 37000 as now emi will get deducted. Train travel is vry frustrating, it's getting worst day by day and I want to get rid of it. Such long travel is so waste.
Friends are all good. I am glad I have few but good friends rather than having bunch of useless people. S is keeping unwell des days shall go n meet here today.
Car will get delivered next sat on 12th m so excited n just can't wait to see me owning a car, unbelievable for me. Mom sis dad jiju n frenz all r excited n glad abt it. But I'll b content wen I'll learn to drive till home n sis place. I hope I'll do dat soon.
Health is OK pcod treatment is on des days neck pain is getg more coz of heavy work.
For now all is stable.
God keep blessing
N thanks for evyrthg.