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2016-03-03 13:58:02 (UTC)

replied by yellow(ish)green eyes

So id got good news! So far have a C but the first exam was an earlier this morning id emailed " yellow(ish)green eyes", i havent spoken to her since last semester. Id updated her the best way i know how.... Shes one of the goods ones. Shes also older then me too. around4:11pm by my english professor says Ive a 21% right now. Like WTF!...damn quizzes results :( it feels like I'm doumbfound.
Around5:32 pm he had text while id just finished eating leftovers for dinner. I jut ignored again. Am assuming he had came back sooner then he told me.Wow!, you sent "Hey"....Then again around 7 something like "Hey how are you been today". I was doing homework trying studied for my two weeks for environmental science second exam. It felt good not texting "J".