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2016-03-03 09:09:38 (UTC)

going back on mute

I dont have a lot of time to write out what I really wanna say. Ive be on time for my first class (well try be) so there am deciding to.Im no longer going be texting "J" im gonna be ignoring him so I dont deal with the cancel attempts of if we could do something. I wont get hurt anymore.My walls had been down for several months now, isnt healthy anymore. Im so over trying making plans or any attempts. He had texted again last night at 7pm and I just over it. Im going back to mute it was better anyway. Dont wanna be miserable. Im taking backseat and forgetting everybody that includes myself. I dont want feel I'm mistake to anyone. I made up my mind. So anyway Im gonna be 22 soon I dont want start off bad again. All i really need is booze and a good movie thats all really care for. Im not mad at him if thats youre thinking not an ounce...
See you guys later am almost done with 2nd paragraph thats due later at noon. Wish everybody well.