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2016-03-01 10:51:32 (UTC)


A load shitty crap that don't deal with this vary minutes.
Env laws assignment is due (thursday)
1. Typed rough draft of your cause and effect paragraph is due. You must have your rough draft present to take part in the peer review.
2. Two (2) journal entries:
*Dating is.... (Gone too damn fuckin far!!!!!)
So gives the right that my english professor is getting damn personal!am very fuckin pissed off it. Youre want know fuckin' busy. I wont tell...
rambling in thoughts!
I barely made it to class on time lucky it was no you could tell i felt shitty and and very loose control once again. Am assuming thats good. Im not mood to full to expected this damn fuckin truth of the matter.
Earlier this morning Me and Him talk bout us some more felt great. I talk bout getting laid and being drunk just felt great to wanted with Him.So fought off the irritable self-doubt that i felt last night. I thought bout of our embrace I know thats all I really need.

Good News finally that fix some my problems there third seasons Returns March 15 Faking it. found out at 8 something at night!!! I was so excited its coming back on only to damn 2 weeks.

If id money buy vodka and some soda thats my fix. Sooo Bad! :')