always wth love

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2016-03-01 08:44:18 (UTC)

awakard night

When Id got home ate half sandwich around 1:26-3 something in the afternoon i ate so slow that it will make me full. Id the muchies really bad. Then Id waited bout two hours after when had got home to text "J" kinda figured out his plans but not fully yet. So i was very distracted gone on the computer to focus onmy classes I really tired my best. I really need slip of vodlka and orange to fill up my thoughts of overthinking. Anxiety is VERY BAD!!!
Id an awkward nite my brother's mom run into his mom and asked bout if you want take my daughter out? I felt like WTF! This got super awkwarder it felt so like I'm loner. Tbh! thats the damn truth I gotta say thats way to damn far.
(this morning)
Id said miss you to church gurl this morning. I dont know why that had hurt me so much but somehow it did.She reply back by saying hope to see you guys friday. I want to her say she had missed me too, thats all i ever wanted from her. Im guessin am still holdin on that. Shes not into me like that :(
Around 5 to 6am id watched another episode it was so tumbling and so heartbreaking. It was a good distraction before my noon quiz#2 in english
20 mins ago....
My college is offering jobs in a month, I might check it out if I dont forget to look at my emails again.
Cant believe its been 6 months already that me and "J". I was extremely horny other nites that includes last night. If you wanted to know.
Well see you later, I see Mickey today am gonna try be happy...