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2016-03-01 06:09:37 (UTC)

What Matters The Most.

3:30 AM, Saturday morning.

The alarm clock greeted me with its obnoxious and loud beeping. My eyes flung open at the thought of how today is the big day. Time to get ready for this weekend's road trip!

Four hours later we arrived at Los Angeles. We explored and learned some new fun facts. UCLA's medical conference held multiple workshops like: Chicano studies, public health, a crash course on how to write a personal statement, and even a conference about the birds and the bees. For the most part it wasn't about learning and trying to soak in new knowledge like a sponge.

It wasn't even focused on the adventurous trip we had at Disney Land. What mattered most was having a good company by my side. It was a time to reunite with old friends and even meet new ones along the way. Talks with Joel Navarrete, Gracie Azua, and David Miramon brought a bright smile on my face. We stuck together as a clique from different schools throughout the Imperial Valley. Without such an amazing company Indiana's Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Star Tours, and the Haunted Mansion wouldn't have been as much fun without them. With them, Disney Land really did become the happiest place in the World.

~Yours Truly,

P.S. Thanks for being easy to talk to Gracie the graceful one, David the silent one, and Joel the awkward one.