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2016-02-29 12:17:51 (UTC)

I never told

When was eighteen I never told my family my senior project in the 12th grade. Id done it but my senior project is constantly be brought up, I feel like its karma. The topic Ive chosen was eating disorders for my project at that time Demi Lovato was my idol during that period. However bout six months ago (somewhere in October)id gone to an local parade where I live in the smallest town. My cousin was in town at the time to support my siblings, we had gone out to some restaurant (so bout hour ago)and then we go outside to find some seats to watched the parade "Id said am hungry, to my cousin" He started was super hungry....He started laughing at me. I wasnt joking cause i was still hungry and well my brother's mom soon found out!That am skipping lunch meals when am at the campus. She says things you're destroying your body yeah I know but I make up when dinner comes. She thinks Im bulimia but Im a binge. I know the facts, cause done the research of it at eighteen. For several months, now I do skip meals mostly lunch and sometimes had done it to dinner. This pasted weekend she brought me some sandwiches to eat for school. I just because I had skipped meals once or twice in some months. im not becoming a binge eater. Im saying my part....