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2016-02-29 10:32:21 (UTC)

leap day of the weekend

Id busy weekend Friday was hella slow, however it was extremely hot where id go to my brother track meet (that was Saturday afternoon). it was in the 90s, id drank bout 3 bottles of water that day. So yeah was flirting with some guys without really noticing it was kinda of embarrassing but not really. I so didn't mind it. The drive back to my smallest town was nice escape, then Id gone to Mickey's Yoghourt and saw an friend that id same class with in 11th grade from english class. It was pretty neat.

...Yesterday morning "J" had texted me "Good morning" and texted almost all day up to had gone to bed. He had filled me in what happened within that big event. I was very happy also it was great.I wont give more then that cause to give more details.