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2016-02-28 13:43:21 (UTC)

I told him I liked him. Finally got the..

I told him I liked him. Finally got the courage, even though I kind of forced it out of him first.
I just don't want to become that co-dependant desperate prick again. But I really like him. Like a lot. I just need to remember there's more to life than romance and shit. I like it, but sometimes I get too.. fixated on these things and I become a different person who I don't like. That's why to everyone else I just try put on a hard exterior but I've known Brad for so long there's no point in even trying to put that up because he sees right through me.
With previous people it's been so one sided. Like just them liking me when I couldn't give a shit if I saw them or not, that's why it was so easy to just drop them. It's just been a long time since I've felt something real, and I'm scared. I feel so vulnerable. But I also want it.
I fucking hate Jacob for making this so hard for me now.

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