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2016-02-26 08:53:28 (UTC)

shadow light breaks through

So yesterday was Thursday somehow I'd forget it just was still in a haze. So I was late again for class however i wasnt it the best place to answers questions what id happened. it took a while feel like id fail her my friend "trust" Over this damn burner phone :(

So there's this guy(Jared) in my english class hes younger then my girl Mickey well hes most chillest guy I ever known he always asked "How are we" separately of course but its neat to feel care for once in while. I felt bad Mickey didnt feel so great shes miserable cause she still damn sick. I gave rundown of what we do this weekend before our math exam and our quiz 2(thats next Tuesday). So I hope shes back to silly self by then.
Mickey had one my favorite clothing on it was t-shirt but ones that dont really look like a t-shirt it had stripes and numbers are my favorite...anyway it was black it was big on her I couldnt tell if had any short on, somehow she had turned me on by that. I never felt that way from any girl. The id daydreams of us it was strange for I never got that vivid itd happened.

*Got advice*
Go hang out barns and nobles or the movies with "J" sometimes soon.

So me and Him are talking bout us again it feels so great he really makes me happy. Our conversation was great yesterday and I couldnt stop smiling because of Him.
Oh yeah I got some sleep finally am so glad. Id best comfort food last night for dinner my brother's mom got us "Dicks". All was missing was booze in the mix of my limbo. I was so craving some. I really need a taste of it. REALLY BAD!!!!