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2016-02-25 08:36:52 (UTC)

Just crashed! (my loose thread day 3)

Wow! What the hell has this had happen to me. So id called previous owner Sarah I havent talk to hear in months (i felt so damn pathetic friend to her NOW) of what took a distraught turn in my situation. It was so rush of emotions i felt like i was caught in damn crime. I barely slept last night i just couldnt sleep at all I kept wakin up this morning around 1-2am then woke up almost passed 5a... So this morning id studied some more for my exam forty minutes but i was distracted...
I called the older sister i felt like id was hiding under someones bed but i kept calm as much i really could take the questions from her anyway so her sis was still sleep and i didnt worry too much. So didnt say anything else id ended the call. See im a So fucked up friend to many right now. So talked bout booze the smallest taste that is warm and best cure at this very damn time. M is super sick. Well Him is worried bout me cause has fallen to pieces just in very hour of the moment is in my hand.
What should i do now??? Im assuming the worst possible.