Sappy Tuesday
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2016-02-23 21:36:26 (UTC)


Today is Tuesday, the most productive day of the week per whatever study... (one of a accounting professor said it). I don't believe him. His class was not that great... I was bored by my job at work as usual, having my headphone on, hoping I can block all the noises around me (people endless walk around in the office), and get some of these boring work done.

Sappy Sunday by kyle Landry was playig on my apple music play list while i was doing my normal daily work having my headphone on. I like a short piano solo with too much emotions that shouldnt be included in one piece of music. Such a short time turns my stomach up side down, gives me a light head, left me with uneasiness even after two more songs are passed. Such a selfish piece! I tell myself. Then I saved it to my special play list...