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2016-02-23 08:37:44 (UTC)

my loose thread

Gone bed and thought heavy hour us of those ten to fifteen minutes of our conversation. I love how you read each of my entries ive ever wrote on here. It's been toughest part to went my ass off bout pathetic circumstances that I should've complained bout for so damn long. You read each one every day you really want know me. No guy or person ever took the time to let speak so damn freely the way you do to me. So even thou we both so horny for the same reason it was clear. I'm in love with Him. Around two something I wake up and fall back asleep to be in a nightmare it was so uncomfortable id a panic attack for first time in a year. So now Ive a headache more feels like something. I told you bout "J" how everything if I do hook up with him you said at least we are friends I honestly felt better so you sent me :) you'll know I'm will be fine. So around seven in the evening I text him it was good we talk for while then i read his text from last night its says "anything new?" ...I reply with an average response upcoming exams what id posted yesterday before I went on the bus.
Before id left watched another episode it was a good. I'll give you name eventuality but not now.
So I found things I love black and white videos if its movies, shows and music video and even pictures .
*Just found out!*
Grades? English quiz 1....15/25 ouch right!? In just six weeks this isn't a good damn starting point. Tomorrow, grades??? Fingers crossed hope isn't as bad as this one too.
I'm holding my loose thread right now its you and another time to vent some more.