always wth love

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2016-02-22 09:02:04 (UTC)

missing Him alot this weekend

I miss Him soo much over this weekend when he said "I miss you" He had tug me at his heart however my period id over now so thats great. Id dream on (Saturday night) in a the stale making out and just giggling like little kids had done, after Him taking me out eat. It felt so good to bout Him I really want him to mine cant wait to finish college to be with Him.

My cousin came over this weekend(to celebrate my sis bday its today), he just started asking my neighbor and i just gave him same answer that id said once before "Just a friend. I was giggling alot cause my sis got uncomfortable tease her bout my neighbor might be future brother-law. I honestly dont want be married I dont see it in me. Didnt bother be cause I know am already in love with someone knew longer. Its hard to cause be so far way that you get know someone four years cause the distance is involved.

He found a name but I wont tell you cause for a boy. We are talking now it feels so damn good. Im very horny can you tell? I love the taste of booze, he would take care of me during the hangover. *If I was there now making out and having sex* He knows how bad I dont want him and Im glad Ive him. He just knows am just glad he knows me.