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2016-02-21 22:05:45 (UTC)

Title, Title, Title

"Out of Site" by Built to Spill

February 21, 2016 Sunday 9:06 PM

Caroline is home. Oh, yeah. She was gone all weekend. She had an art showing, which I think is pretty cool. Basically, her photos were displayed in an exhibit and some guy is buying some of them???? So awesome.

She's sick. I was sick last week, I may have passed that on. Oops.

Gosh, I hate sitcoms. There's one on TV. It's so distracting – maybe it'd be funny if I was really listening, though.

In con se quen tial, all of t h i s

Okay, well! I had piano lessons today. I usually have them on Saturdays but yesterday we went to a concert thing so.

Anyway, there were these kids there from her 6 o' clock lesson (I was her 7 o' clock) playing in one of the adjacent rooms and they were so frickin' cute! Oh my gosh! I even talked to them and kinda made them laugh which made me the happiest person on the planet because I've been thinking about working with children. Justin (new YMCA Achiever's coordinator) even said he could probably set me up with a job at the Y???

Plus, I sent an e-mail to the professor who teaches the science program I applied to. It was basically me asking a couple questions and telling her what dates I was available for the interview. Aight.

Sometimes I just feel way too stupid to be able to survive in that program. I guess I'm pretty okay at faking it, though... Is this something I can fake?

BACK TO LESSONS. I passed the pieces I was assigned last week and was assigned two new ones plus "Moonlight" sonata!!! I'm so happy!!! I get to play Moonlight frickin' Sonata! I only have to do the first four or five measures for now, but I might go on ahead and finish up the first page. There's only one weird measure in there (it just requires you jump around a bit more than usual). Once I got that down, it should be nice.

Sorry. I know piano talk is kind of boring. I'm just excited. I love piano. Sometimes I get all reluctant to practice but whenever I start, I can play for awhile. ALright, alright I'm done.

I should be studying for APUUUSHHHHH but I'd much rather be writing so I don't think I will. I want to feel nice and relaxed today. My skin's been all itchy underneath all week. I should've taken a deep breath and fucking chilled. So I gotta do that now.

Okay. Now I'm going to go write. I've got nothing to say about myself so *shrug*

Oh, oops. I think I had an ELA assignment. Fuck it!!!

(I say "fuck it" but I'm pretty sure you'll see me lying on the floor with my English textbook in an hour)

My hair smells good.

I want to abandon everyone. Isn't that funny?

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