Reality Check
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2001-10-10 20:21:46 (UTC)

i feel like shit

okay, i'm sick. it's nothing serious, just a head cold, but
i rarely get sick so when i do i feel really bad. and, i'm
smoking again. i had quit for about 2 weeks, but i started
again today. yes, i admit it. i have no will power. i'm
weak. i can't help it. it's hard to quit when you've been
smoking for 3 years. but oh well. i just won't do it at home
anymore and i'll let jimmy hold my cigarrettes when i go
home after school so mom doesn't find them. that way i won't
get in trouble. good plan. i got my report card today. i
have A's in science, elp, and rotc...and a C in interior
design. god i hate that class. mom's going to flip. hell,
mom flips out over b's. but she'll get over it. hopefully
she'll still let me go to homecoming. i have a really cute
outfit i put together. i didn't have any money for a dress,
so i got that dress that has a neckline that's too low and i
put a see through white overthing so that you can barely
tell. so...i'm set for that. my day went pretty well today.
we had to wear our uniforms. i hadn't shined my shoes so i
got a lecture about that. jimmy yelled at me today cause
he's a higher rank so he can tell me what to do. well, i
didn't have my cover(hat) on when i was outside like you're
supposed to do, but i was about to go inside. and he told me
to put it on and i said no and he got all pissed off. he's
always a jackass when we're in uniform. but, it's nothing i
can't get over. anyways, that's about it. i gotta go, so
i'll write more when i can.