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2016-02-19 16:59:47 (UTC)


Yes Soon car coming in the house... yuhooo
Monday all documents will b given in the showroom and car will be mine. Nissan Datsun go t ruby red. I just cant blv that me?? i am buying a vehicle dat too a m proud of me n mom is vry happy...
Soon will practice to drive. and den zooommmm....
I bought many things lappy, mom mobile, my mobile, trip to rajasthan and now car.. all positive i feel but i dont wanna get drowned... slow n steady ill win the ace. I shall update how it goes on Monday hehehe..
Ofice is going boring, i have lil abt V. i feel vry comfo with him..he too likes me. donno havnt thot abt future but for now i just like him we do flirt with each other... we send kisses n hugs we do say love u but its not dat kindaaa...
baki all well sissy got job and for now all OK andtrying to try new job..

cys tc