always wth love

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2016-02-18 13:44:03 (UTC)

same attraction towards her

I okay finished my quiz gosh it was hella lot of think involved. But I think I did alright who really knows.... So gotta wait until my english professor post its up *fingers crossed*

Anyway Mickey and me as these vibe comfortably that is very amazing. Shes vegetarian and very sexy that kinda that looks unbelievable that shes single once again. She knows how make me laugh a lot its spite of many reasons its undesirable to forget last year situation.
We bond over a funny topic called disastrous date, we were totally girly it got very awkward caused another guy on my left he was he was all "Like, WHAT??", we were giggling like lil girls. So we finished our assignment then left in different times. So I see her all again next week.
This feelings Ive towards her have resurface its unbearable to push her away as what id confront her once again.
I have alot say cause am just being me.
Here i go again in this undiscovered balance