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2016-02-18 11:02:15 (UTC)

random thoughts in my head

What I should really be doing right probably studying for my quiz but right now am gonna forget bout that right now?
Am almost done studyin for my quiz... (we can use are notes. Yay!)

Upcoming exam:
Only one but its science exam 1 its on thursday morning.I wont post until very late next week :(

I felt like couldnt control my fingers because since two weeks I read heavy deep stories on here its completely took over my brain. Im so exhausted when am home cause I heavenly daydreams bout Him and my neighbor there very different guys but see am nor to judge me bout it.... So I'm falling in obsession over this! Cant stop it.

*So when I was home like 1:30pm* Id watched another episode of the show still cant tell you whats the show is called its so shitty its pathetic to speak of.

No Sleep it feels like it for days.... However last nite took a late shower cause I was doing a load shit of math homework i was suddenly I was sleepy it very lil of that. I honestly didn't fall asleep until 9:30pm until 10.
Last night craving some type of takeout :) and vodka, with Starbucks in a good movie

Earlier this morning around 1:45am so DON'T remember why I woke up but some reason I dont remember what was the case of this damn in my head. Later in those dark hours around 4:40am I woke up because I sleep near the windows it was so damn pouring raining.

*Yesterday M sent me messages saying choose "out of state guy". I totally agree but am still confused.
I never mention some people because those are very personal to me so I wont feel less human then I am.