always wth love

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2016-02-16 09:07:47 (UTC)

Oh Shit! Might Be Love

Where to begin its start in the dark on Friday saw my neighbor down blocks walking his dog. And my neighbor was waiting for me to take to Bible Study his smile was sweet like innocent a lil boy would see a girl. I found out more bout my neighbor his whole name it felt so good, Id confessed to him bout two weeks of porn Ive been reading dont want caused to tell him but i felt at ease. He asked me if id boyfriend ? i kinda missed the boat to truly answer him. I cant believe I missed... Id shaken off.I told him that love booze hes not much a drinker. So you can say am the drinker, its been two years Sober :( (this all twenty minutes away home). We talked bout high school days.Id several daydreaming in many rooms kissing him and just being his embrace. Surprised began late but amazing because all the men there fixed V dinner for single women it felt like a movie. It was nice it was best night i had.
Saturday gone to Walmart went down few aisles I saw pregnant tests, condoms, you can say I want be there already
By 10pm that same day my period came shit I was in so much pain:(
We texted alot yesterday gosh am fallin in love with him! am so scared, I hope we go this Friday want soo more be with Him.
See you guys later.