A lady in the crowd
2016-02-16 08:37:30 (UTC)

Final Last Words.

Like any good story it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It begins with a hello and if your lucky enough it finishes with a goodbye. Only what if there are no final last words?

I'm fearful that the people who matter the most are often taken for granted. Almost no time is taken into consideration- as transform into a young woman, I've noticed that the older generations of my family take a step towards growing old. Slowly but surely we know what happens next- an inevitable end. I don't know how I would handle the death of a loved one. As realistic as I am, I wonder if I'll be accepting towards death. If I permanently lose my grandmother then I don't know what I'd do. We all met a special somebody, the ones we love the most, and it's impossible to picture life without them.

At least at one point in our lives, most of us have experienced loss. Worst case scenario; we lose best friends who are to young to pass away. Either to an fatal illness or an accident that wasn't meant to happen. Others burn their own candle by taking their own life. Suicidal mind's work their magic and disappear forever. Meanwhile selfish people take lives away by committing manslaughter or murder. No matter what the cause is, it all ends the same. Some have a chance to say their farewells while instantaneous deaths don't know what hit them.

~Yours Truly,
Authors note: I'm developing a compulsion, better known as an obsession with death. Where did it originate from? Who knows but it won't let me sleep.