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2016-02-12 07:59:50 (UTC)

I've had such a shit week. The one thing..

I've had such a shit week. The one thing I was looking forward to was going to Leon's show with Matis, not like because I like him or anything, I just really wanted to see Leon's band and get drunk and chill out. I've been working so much and everything is so lame. I was really keen for it. Then Matis just bailed so i have no one to go with. Like I got work off for it and everything and he just bails. I don't think he understand it's just really disappointing. I know this wouldn't be a big deal to most people but, It's just making me give up on people more. And realise again how people just can't be fucked with me or trying with me. Even when I put the effort in to get work off and shit. Now I feel like crying this is so shit. The whole day I was counting down the hours.