always wth love

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2016-02-11 11:46:39 (UTC)

Anti busy?

I woke up on time in while, odd enough i was in a good mood for pasted two weeks...
finished my paragraph for today(rough draft)
Don't wait until last minute isn't great idea! i had too wasnt in the mood exhausted.
My professor gave us too much damn homework UGH! for one class period time.
I gotta do some homework for environment science as well and study too.
My math professor hasnt post a damn thing on blackboard so I wont do it very late then. Its isn't my fault this time. I promise to you that.
Advice from my friend rachele
Im gonna let myself go and go ahead with my neighbor. Ask bullshit questions in order get out of this stage am in with my emotions.
Ill miss you guys see you soon kisses! happy V day.