always wth love

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2016-02-10 12:29:37 (UTC)

time took me!

I'm so screw right now, only because Ive less than 24hrs now! but cant beat myself up too much.I'm woman who can pull through it, just manage time little bit better so no worries....
* homework assignments:
exemplification paragraph
math assignments isn't due until next Wednesday (gonna be doing Saturday or Sunday )

*got good advice from Rachele* bout 2 hours ago bout the situation where I am so confused not that much to loose the grip of reality in my life.
Shes very good friend to me, I love that part of her. (all over twitter)

Bout week half ago id meet a guy on here. He knows how make me feel good as "Him" and need i really need it.
Might post tomorrow wont know until later today when am really home in my room. Its almost V day.