always wth love

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2016-02-10 09:38:00 (UTC)


Each hour I wasnt with a guy it felt so irritable. I was so horny like my vagina was want coack in me. So yeah I'm sad bout not being with Him it hurts. So I was totally distracted bout the brutal reality of my social came to be.

* homework assignments:
Exempfication paragraph is due tomorrow at noon
My math professor is pregnant so she had cancel class.
Later today she gonna post homework that's due next Wednesday.

For damn two hours of last night watched another episode of the show, that told you two weeks ago. I got chills watching it, it felt damn like what help happened to me??? I couldn't speak this was all bout 5-5:47pm.(got chills on my arms it felt so uncomfortable) ... watched the Simpson with the family it was funny and different on FX.

*an hour later* my brother's mom came in my room asking bout me and my neighbor and honestly my heart isn't in it. I feel bad but I'm so confused again. I don't want I'm.gonna do...

I surrender
I surrender to you because I'm torn in so many times once again.
I surrender because I don't want cut but I want drink.
I surrender because you have been there when I really need it.I'll surrender to you because I trust you before anyone that's include family.