always wth love

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2016-02-09 09:01:38 (UTC)

hours apart from here

So last night i couldnt stop thinking of Him and me it was on my mind it was sea of full flashes just being with him in his state.So for two hours id finished some homework bout 8:16pm. Gone bed by 9:01 however that didnt matter cause i woke early at 2am something, cant understand if was nightmare id felt so confusing.
Questions came in my mind of us, the ones that matter then everybody could see in my soul. I often drift there because my life that with Him. So we spoke bit but he had go. I knew i would be fine because he knows how i am.
Texted my neighbor yesterday it was good but I wasnt into like I am with Him. We texted bout good 3 hours it was so causal felt so boring in that moment. I want something to take the emptiness in my heart and fill it up just enough begging for a bit more to say something that truly matters.