A lady in the crowd
2016-02-09 03:11:21 (UTC)

Binge Partying

I look back at last nights party and I realize it's a miracle that I didn't suffer a severe hangover. I went to Alredo Soria's kickback with Marcela D on Saturday night. It was a blast! I felt happy to met people from band and drum line who have already graduated. We all got along smoothly and we chugged down shots of New Amsterdam vodka, Isle Sky Whiskey, along with Wild Blue beer and Vodka gummy bears. Then we played drinking games like, "Never Have I Ever" and and an alternated version of "Ring of Fire. By end of the night we completely ran out of alcohol. (Sorry Alredo I'm responsible for the disappearance of the gummy bears).

Everything quickly became a blur and it was nearly impossible to walk straight. We all slurred our words and had a contagious case of laughter. Poala O, Ashley B, Joshua A, Alex C, Leticia R, and I hysterically laughed at jokes I can no longer remember. What else did I do while I was wasted? Oh yeah, we went to Food4less; what a smart idea. Alex, Marcela, and I walked a short block away towards our destination. The three musketeers bought Scooby snacks, chocolate donuts, and mint flavored gum. On our way back we decided to steal the shopping cart, so I took the opportunity to hop inside of the cart.

We went back to Alredo's and there it was- the beautiful disaster of a typical house party. The host was vomiting outside, a couple was nearly having sex in their car, and the stoners of the party were off in their own World.

The night came to an end at 2 AM. Meanwhile my pal Robert patiently waited until I came home, because we made plans earlier; he would come over to my house to watch movies. I was far too drunk to have any man in my presence; as soon as my head touched my pillow our plans were history.

~Yours Truly,