A lady in the crowd
2016-02-09 02:06:22 (UTC)

Social Animals.

I'm your average teen
Struggling in self-defeat
Unspoken fears of neglect
"Don't we all just want to fit in?"

Welcome me with an open hug
'A cheerful smile
Tell me the words we all want to hear,
"Buddy you can always count on me."

Social animals whisper under their breath,
"Accept me,
Like me please,
And don't reject me."

Not all can win the lottery ticket of friendship
Look closely, see that freak? Walk in the losers tight shoes
"Suffocation, I can't breath, suffoca-"
It'll surely suck the life out of you.

Isolation at its highest peak
Rejected by society's norms
"Talk is cheap, they simply point
and laugh at me."

It happens everyday
Little rascals who don't blend in
Loners who sit down on an empty table
Forever ignored by the World.

~Yours Truly,