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2016-02-08 09:26:03 (UTC)

unexpected visit came here.

over the weekend was relaxed and unexpected visit from our cousin on friday... so yeah I wasn't excited at all....I was tryin be normal as possible but it was rough you know? So see its a basket case.... things I can't be myself anymore around my cousin.
*those vary moments in the hour were very oblivious
I really want cut myself in places that I could only know were they were. I was miss the fact I don't have a good phone to speak my fuckin mind. On nights after school is done for a day.
You probably say I was forgetful oblivious that was the case so.I'd lot on my mind on Friday morning with classes, my life everything so.
Big problems since Friday and the weekend ive been waking 2, 3am in the morning having many nightmares latter in the day having daydream for hours at time. Of me and my neighbour its oddly annoying to think at moment.
So see am still stuck but not point it bothers as it once did so that's good right.
Close friends "M" message me back so I was good seeing what she been up to with school and her life. Me and churchgurl are distance between us we are so busy I'm hoping see her this week if am able go w/o any raft occurs unannounced.
Watched the super bowl last night it was very good. I loved the ads and half time show. It's to think as a kid I wasn't really into sports but I don't mind watching it when it comes on. You can say I like sports.
Found name for gurl when I get pregnant Im really happy found beautiful name ....still trying find one for a boy.
My professor for math will be an hour late so am very happy.
Not a beyonce fan this song its very good "Formation" here snip of it yesterday on Super bowl... Mali music Contradiction ft jhene aiko heard it on heart & soul early in morning . It always feels so good.