always wth love

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2016-02-05 08:47:18 (UTC)

guy next door got to know

The five months, I've been talk to a guy that told you once a twenty or more times. I looked back on entries of him, I had told you guys of his personality oddly enough i was totally off. My guard was up, i didn't know what to feel bout it. Knowin that it feels so silly and a jerk bout him altogether. Im fully into this guy like cant wait to see how far it can go. Last friday night around 6:21pm he was standing in the dark it was almost completely dark but his front light was on "His smile was gentle and safe. Its crazy how I am so into him, we talk so much now days it feels like am be okay.Staying in this state just little while longer, until go another college feels good.
Id a dream of me and him just hanging out and he had kissed me and felt so great.
We might hang out again tonite, i got the okay to go with him and have some fun.
I will update you guys as much can so know if something unexpected happens.
In my head at this vary moment:
* vodka (alot of it)
* seeing scissors is thought of (cutting and sometimes just death)
* need find cutting blades (see what i mean!)