always wth love

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2016-02-04 08:52:41 (UTC)


Dear dairy, I have be so irritable is because am still damn virgin probably,I thought how long i gotta fuckin be patient.I dont want be theres a lot comes up to mind, everybody tells me to wait and don't rush into a relationship whether is a girl or guy.So what am suppose to do in the meantime at twenty-one. Finish college and get a job like anybody else, yes! its possible I could do all those darn things. I probably bit more at this point, I thought more of my future like travel and most important getting be pregnant.
I woke up directly at 430am, felt a bit better I couldnt stop thinking loosing my virginity with my neighbor in ways that cant full stop to breathe clearly enough I'll be a good women to him oblivious.I want be bad for days at time with a taste of booze near me to feel giddy and fearless.
What am feeling is so damn real, they arent a phase or just in a moment of time. I want it so bad...