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2016-02-02 08:56:56 (UTC)

Art of Deals

Remember on Friday towards the ending of the entry Id told you bout a show. Well id watched it again. I wont say what its all really bout oblivious caused the title is so stupid and I hate for so many reasons. The pilot is Perfect. So see its fuckin best way to binge watch with someone and drink a lot booze until 6am.

*Friends Online*
Ive bout three good ones
Vivian (she isn't the church gurl, we met on chat site somewhere)
Elaine (she also used be on here isn't anymore *for her own reasons*)
Him wont give a name spoke bout him in the paste five months. In these entries so you can try figure it out but still cant find the name anywhere.

So I woke up around 4:40am today, I was honestly still exhausted last night maybe it was the hot shower or maybe something else well whatever it was.I got some sleep in a long time.
Two hours ago Id texted church gurl, honestly it felt great.
My headaches are back fully force :( I hate soo much. I kinda hope I can say focus in class today because my mind is somewhere else. Physically and Mental.

I want drank booze
I want go to another state
I no longer want be a virgin
I want a new phone, Yes! an iPhone 6 or IPhone 6s
Forgot to say I'd texted my neighbor saying "Hope you have a good day" he just texted at 9:30am...So I'd smiled like a little girl.