always wth love

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2016-02-01 09:12:58 (UTC)

dark in the night.

Over weekend it began on Friday, Id hanged out with my neghbor and gone to bible study. Came home late but, id explained the reason why? So it was good...However my brother mom doesnt like my church gurl I oblivious dont get why? Though she isnt a bad friend.She thinks she knows her I know her longer because "I fallen love with her a billion times" I hold on her friendship over anyone. I saw church gurl on Friday she looked so sexy her hair was beautiful with her bangs a soft lipsticks on her lips. So i was distracted because I was sitting next my negihbor he was talking I was thinking in my head bout something bout Him and me. Doing something more physical so I was irritable and some of it was uncomfortable what was going on around me.(This all happening is where I was sitting on the couch near him). Hearing something bout God in Genesis, sorry id forgot what verses in the book. (Surprised!, never ever talk what I learn while am there for a few hours).
By 9pm it was a TMI moment when we had split off into groups, it was so awkward and uncomfortable I just stay completely silent... We talk bout masturbation, porn and lust over love and of course sex. I only spoke bout few two friends but not to whole damn group...Id told you bout her on friday morning and the other is church gurl on "love over lust thing". So see am still that shy girl...
Over the weekend:
I still want get drunk and cut, still dont whats the triggers are causing to harm myself. NO panic attacks has occur am very happy.
No accomplishment over the weekend. It will be today though for sure thou.